Our family has loved two things consistently over the years, all things blue and stripes. The collection is a reflection of this love. 

We’ve lived and worked for fashion houses throughout the world - Tokyo, London, San Francisco and New York. We draw upon our experience to help guide us through every process and decision.

It starts with vintage indigo blankets, hand selected in NYC from friends in West Africa. Each blanket is hand seperated and sewn back together by Matthew our “maker “ with great patience and shaped into one of a kind pieces, always letting the cloth drive the design, never forcing. Shades of rich blue not achieved by processing but by time. Silhouettes are influenced by cultures observed first hand through America, Mexico, Europe, India, Asia and Australia. The depth of blue, dark to light, tattered and blemished speaks to the history and beauty of its origin. No two cloths are alike and no two friends are the same, the perfect match. We hope you wear your products with confidence and when someone asks you “Who are you wearing?’ just tell them A Friend Made. 

Who is A Friend Made?

Matthew and Amy Corin currently live in Laguna Beach, California with their two children West and Finn. We were so close to naming Finn “Coast” but Amy chickened out at the last second. Can you imagine saying “ West” “Coast” all day? But now looking back it’s kind of perfect.  Maybe a dog someday.

A Friend FOUND 

A curated collection of pre-loved goods found while living in Tokyo, Japan by A Friend Made ( Matthew and Amy Corin ). Directly sourced from Japan these one of a kind items are the best of American casual design by brands rarely found in the US.